Guide to Making a Pecha Kucha Presentation: Videos

This video is from the actual event, shot from the back of the bar. While the slides aren’t as visible, hopefully this gives you a sense of how the Chicago Pecha Kucha event is set up.

For my talk, the microphone/podium area was to the right of the screen. I was positioned pretty comfortably to where I was half-facing the audience, and half-facing the screen (which to me was more comfortable than fully facing the audience).

Though I mentioned this already, definitely check in with your event organizer to find out how the stage and presentation area will be set up, ahead of time. This will make it easier for you to practice your talk at home, and you’ll end up being way more comfortable when you step up on stage.

This video is one I made using the audio from the evening, superimposed over my slides. Since the original video was shot at a distance, the slides didn’t show up quite as clearly. I wanted a version that showed the slides a bit clearer, and hope this will be helpful for someone to see an actual presentation up-close.

Huge thanks to both Peter Exley and Thorsten Bösch, the Pecha Kucha Chicago event organizers, for providing me with a few photos from the evening… as well as the video of my talk. And, pretty much for volunteering a ton of their personal time to make Pecha Kucha happen in Chicago.

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  1. Just read through this entire guide again as i prepare for a 5-10 minute presentation i have to give next month. Not going to go strictly Pecha Kucha with it but will try and use some of these concepts as i put the thing together. Thank you, Felix, for this gift that keeps on giving.

    Ben Reply

  2. I am planning some regular Meetups and want to have 2-3 speakers at each to briefly describe their business to the group. I think the Pecha Kucha format would provide a wonderful, fun and disciplined method for delivery. I will give it a try and see how my colleagues like it.

    Thanks for sharing this information so concisely.

    Tip Kilby Reply

  3. Thanks a lot for the helpful guide through organizing PechaKucha presentation. I am having my first speech next Thursday, and this will be the first PK event held in Skopje, Macedonia. And of course I have the luck to break the ice of all the first’s as being No.1 presenter :)
    I hope I’ll do a good job since your tips are thorough and real :)

    Thank you once again!

    Nina Reply

  4. Can’t thank you enough for this helpful guide–a thorough walk-through of a Pecha Kucha presentation. I’m looking forward to mine.


    Jane Alynn Reply

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