SpitShake: Make That Dumbass Idea Happen

The idea for SpitShake came about many years ago, when two friends made a bet involving trying to eat six Arby’s roast beef sandwiches in under an hour (without puking).

In the middle of the bet, a disagreement broke out regarding whether verbal taunting was permitted. It got pretty heated.We realized that, if we had only written down the rules for the bet beforehand… all of this could have been avoided.

And so SpitShake.com was born – a site that lets you enter in the details of informal bets, the rewards for winning, the punishments for losing, and the listing of an impartial arbiter should things get weird and messy. Enter in the details, and you’ll get a sample contract that you can print out and sign – thereby getting your ridiculous idea one step closer to reality.

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