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Speaking Engagements

Peter ExleyFelix Jung’s presentation was a highlight of our first 10 PechaKucha Nights in Chicago. A testament to incredible preparation, his blog post on the topic is the go-to orientation for anyone worldwide getting ready to present at PechaKucha. Hundreds of subsequent PechaKucha presenters might have been high and dry without it.

PechaKucha is about passion, content and storytelling – Felix is a natural and nails each of these criteria with wit, charm and impressive thoroughness. He left his audience provoked and very satisfied.

Peter Exley, FAIA
Architect, Professor, and Co-host of PechaKucha Night Chicago

Andrew HuffFelix Jung’s creative presentations put an unexpected spin on things we see and think about every day. He combines art and technology in ways that reveal interesting aspects of each, and talks about them with a sense of humor that often works on multiple levels. I’m always excited to see what he comes up with next.

Andrew Huff, editor & publisher of Gapers Block and host of 20×2 Chicago.

Saya HillmanFelix’s thought-provoking and informative presentation was a wonderful way to kickoff our event. I have seen him present a few times now and he is consistently a crowd-favorite! He’s a curator’s dream combination of funny and reflective, with engaging slides and topics, a high-level of thought and preparation, and approachability.

Garr ReynoldsFelix Jung knows how to connect and engage an audience, and offers great tips for organizing a Pecha Kucha talk. Awesome!


A dedicated and longtime blogger, Felix has been updating avoision.com every day since July of 2002. For well over a decade he’s been documenting life in Chicago, his career in technology, and the myriad ways in which the Internet inspires, enriches, and complicates our lives.

Felix has a background in English Lit, an MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry), and currently works as a front end developer. He’s passionate about blogging, poetry, and using technology to tell meaningful stories.

One of his favorite experiences was being a finalist for the first Month at the Museum contest (where the winner would literally live inside the Museum of Science and Industry for a solid month, and document his/her experiences). Though he didn’t win the contest, he’s still got a sleeping bag prepped and ready to go next to his desk. You know… just in case he gets a call-back.

Felix would love to speak with your group, or at your next event. For more information, please get in touch via email: felixjung@gmail.com

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[Photo via Ben Husmann]