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20×2 Chicago: Why Is It Important?

I got to participate again in 20×2 Chicago, an event where 20 creatives get together to answer the same question. Each person can answer the prompt however they like (tell a funny story, sing a song, interpretive dance) with just one rule: you have to do it in two minutes or less.


This Friday at 20×2 Chicago: Where Do We Start?

Come join me and 19 other creatives on Friday, for the next installment of 20×2 Chicago! All 20 of us are given the exact same question – this time, the prompt is “Where Do We Start?”

We can choose to answer this question in any way that we want (slideshow, music, video, interpretive dance). The only rule: we have to answer in 2 minutes or less.


Felix Jung, 20×2 Chicago: How Does It Work?

I’m excited to share video from that event, where I had the good fortune to kick off the show. While I’ve done a lot of these short talks before – I decided to mix it up a little more this time. My answer to the question “How Does It Work” involved me singing. Well, a few “me’s” singing. It’s a little hard to explain.