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Found Treasure

I was out getting some coffee along 53rd, when I heard some really loud music blaring nearby. At first, I thought it was coming from someone’s car… but then realized it came from around the corner, from a truck that was parked along Harper Court.


Amazon’s First Delivery by Drone

And of course, the pessimist in me is now thinking it’s just a matter of time before thieves switch from stealing packages of porches… to shooting down drones from the sky. Because hey: free stuff in the air. And also: free drone!


Amazon Associates Program Open Again to Residents of Illinois

I found out last week that the Amazon Associates program has been re-opened for Illinois residents! In 2011, under the state’s Main Street Fairness Act (also known as the “Amazon Tax Law”), a merchant’s physical presence was redefined to include its affiliates. This law was aimed at companies like Amazon, in an attempt to force them to collect state sales tax on items purchased through regional affiliates (effectively making some online sales cheaper than local brick and mortar stores).