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Drinks at Lower Broadway

On Saturday, Liz and I ventured out to meet up with Jake and Anais for some drinks. The spot we were to meet was a kind of weird one – the directions we had were vague, and had a series of steps, as opposed to an actual address.


Transporting Jake’s Grill

It’s an interesting thing, when Liz and I tackle complex tasks together. Traditionally, we don’t do so well. While we typically don’t argue all that often, arguments tend to arise when we’re trying to do complex or multi-step tasks alongside one another.


Sunday Workday and a Surprise Visit

You can’t see it in this picture, but Bob, Liz, and I are all smiling like crazy watching the dogs on Jake’s bike. We heard some great stories about how other people (pedestrians, other bicyclists, and even cars) reacted when seeing these guys go down the street.