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Suddenly, Lloyd

While surfing Facebook, I happened across this post by Anne – and did a doubletake. It was her talking about how much she enjoyed a recent play she had just attended, a production of The Chinese Lady, by Lloyd Suh, at Tipping Point Theatre.

When I saw this – a question entered my brain of “Wait, Lloyd?” And after a split second, I had a follow-up thought of “Of course, it’s Lloyd.”


Game Night, Late Night

And then! After we got back, we got to sitting on the couch and just talking. We ended up visiting and catching up, and time somehow got away from us. At some point, Grace went to bed and Jackson came downstairs… and we all just kept on talking and talking. Telling stories, sharing stories.

I think that by the time we decided to call it a night it was close to 3:30 AM! Seriously!


A Lazy Rain Day

With us working a lot the last few days, today ended up being a pretty slow and laid back kind of day. The sky was cloudy, the forecast called for rain… so we spent a lot of the day just hanging out inside. Chatting a little, reading a little. And more than one nap took place.


Working on the Boat, Day 2

Anne flew in last night, and we had the chance to catch up a bit over dinner. This morning, we all suited up and headed back to the marina to put a few more hours in working on the boat.