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Thanksgiving at Whitehall Lakehouse, 2021

A busy kitchen. And me, just standing off to the side, watching all the action take place. L to R it’s Liz, waiting on some ingredients, Kirt tending to the turkey and potatoes, Izzy prepping biscuits and rolling croissants, Anne checking the cupboards.


Early Christmas in Detroit

Mid-morning today, I was down in the basement with Kirt helping to set up the Super Chexx machine. For all the time I’ve spent playing this game, this was my first time actually touching the puck (pretty cool).


Early Christmas in Detroit, Part 1

We rolled into Detroit a bit later than we planned, but the nice thing (and the thing I’ve een struggling to remember) is that we are officially on our holiday break. There are no strict schedules, and no timelines beyond the ones we wish to keep. If we’re running a little late, then so be it – we’ve got the time (which is still a novel concept).