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Road Trip for a Door in La Moille

Via Facebook Marketplace, Liz found a door that she really wanted, to use as our back kitchen door. She repaired the one we have now, but has been on the lookout for its replacement for some time.

This morning we rented a U-Haul van, and made our way down to La Moille.


A Light Road Trip: Day 3

I got to explain to her what this was, and why we were all freaking out about seeing it. And the woman was pretty interested in hearing about the history of the jug, and what it actually was.


New Old Hardware

Liz has always been quite exceptional in her online research, and was quite proud at finding hardware that actually matched what we have in the house. All told, I think she’s been on the lookout for two years, and only recently found some matches. She’s been doing this a long while!


The Goonies Coloring Adventure Book

I meant to do a more in-depth post, adding in screenshots from the movie alongside each illustration. But that was an ambitious idea, and I am a lazy man. So I’m mostly just going to post up the photos of the thing, without much commentary.


New Old Furniture for our New Old House

We had several conversations during our time there, trying to figure out where we might place particular items. At a certain point, we stopped trying to answer that particular question and thought about the opportunity – when else might we be able to purchase something like this? It was a little dizzying.


Liz Birthday Day: Architectural Artifacts, Edgewater Antique Mall, Broadway Antique Market, Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits

Today is Liz’s birthday, and I had a full day of excursions scheduled. First off, we hit up The Bongo Room for breakfast. Since we’re now in Hyde Park, we opted for the Roosevelt location instead of Wicker Park (general note: it still fills up super fast). After eating a delicious breakfast and going over some options on where to visit for the day… we headed out to our first stop: Architectural Artifacts.