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Garden Arbor Construction, Part 15

I’m itching to see the arbor painted, as right now… the white moulding seems just a little chinzy against the natural wood. But since it’s pressure treated lumber (that wasn’t kiln dried afterwards), we need to wait a while until the wood has properly dried out.


Moulding Prep

While we had the total length needed for the moulding, the inner pieces were all around 46-47 inches long. I ended up with a lot of smaller pieces, but nothing long enough to handle the last two lengths I needed.


Garden Arbor Construction, Part 10

Post-work, finally getting around to installing the arches we cut out.

It’s a bit of a daunting process, us committing to installing these things. Because I feel like I did a really poor job of cutting them out. But we sucked it up and tried to align the pieces as best we could.


Garden Arbor Construction, Part 5

Despite it being a Friday, Liz and I opted to suit up after work to put in a bit more time getting the arbor in order. We wanted to get some concrete in for the posts (and to also figure out how much more concrete we needed to purchase, in the event we needed more).