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Automation and the Boeing 737 Max

My commute is short enough that I don’t really listen to much audio while I’m on the train. So the few times I catch any radio or news is either in the mornings (NPR while preparing breakfast). Or in the evenings, when I’m preparing dinner (for the bunnies or for us humans).


GitHub Audio

Powered by the many, many users of GitHub, the site plays a single tone any time a user performs a specific action (closes a pull request, pushes a commit, etc). Additionally, each event also triggers a small animation of a circle, slowly expanding and fading away.


Recho: Audio Recordings Tied to Specific Places

“What inspired us to create Recho is our love of podcasts. One day when discussing our favourite episode, we both remembered exactly where we had been when listening to it. And this sparked the question: What if a story belonged to a place and you would have to be at that exact place to hear it?”