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Joanne and Tomiwa’s Wedding

The wedding/reception was at a lovely venue called Paradise Falls. I was tempted to bring my camera, fulfilling my role as a Chinese wedding guest… but decided to just bring my phone. I figured I’d let the professional photographers handle the photos.


Caribbean Cruise, Day 4: Curaçao

Due to the weather throughout the night (it was a rough one), we were pretty delayed on our way to today’s destination: Curaçao. While we were planning on arriving sometime in the late morning, we didn’t pull into port until around 4:30 PM. Kind of a bummer, since we were hoping to have a full day ashore, but wound up only having a small handful of hours to look around.


Caribbean Cruise, Day 2: Princess Cays

Starting at around 9:00 AM, the cruise began shuttling people from the boat to shore in what are called “tender” boats. Each person on the cruise is issued an ID card, which is typically used at meals or to buy things, but they’re also used to track passengers – we each had to get “scanned” on departing and re-entering the ship.

I was a bit nervous about getting seasick on the ride over, and a few times the tender boat made some pretty serious dips in the water. But I focused mostly on the horizon, and arrived on land without being too much worse for the wear.


Liu Family Dim Sum

The morning after the wedding, we all made a return trip to Hong Kong Flower Lounge Restaurant – the place we had dinner, our first night on arriving. The Liu family got together to have an early dim sum, and my mom and dad would be switching over… travelling and staying with my Uncle Eddie and his family for a few more days in California.