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Halloween 2023: Work Continues

So. I spent a lot of the day in the basement, working with these supplies. And it seems like all I did was make a few prototypes of Halloween anuses. Because let’s be honest, this is what they look like.


Close Bunny

There’s this decent sized divot in the neighbor’s yard, where I think this bunny is nestled. I’m not sure if the areas was the site of a nest, but this bunny really, really likes this spot.


Bunny Night Visit

I’m starting to wonder if this is actually a guy, and possibly more a gal. And if there’s a warren nearby somewhere. This bunny seems to be very present in our yard in the evenings, and occupies the same spot.


Yard Day, Trimming All the Things

It’s been a long time coming – but today, Liz and I put some time in the backyard to trim down a lot of overgrown foliage.

On our side, Tippi has gotten out of hand. And honestly, has been out of hand for several months now. While Liz was working on Tippi, I was working on trimming a lot of the tree branches that were bleeding into our area from the neighbor’s yard… and over-shading our garden boxes.


Bold Backyard Bunnies

I was filling up some watering cans, to water the plants on our front porch… and looked up to see these guys, in the distance. One of them eventually came over and started down the driveway towards me. I was actually shocked to see just how close he came to me. And got a bit of it on video.


An Unsettling Discovery

The frequency was getting to a point where there was something new each morning. For a brief period of time, I wondered if someone was intentionally messing with us, and covertly bringing their dog into our yard to do their business. A bit of Googling later, it seems like we have some racoons in the area.


Appreciating the Arbor

I was in the backyard today, about to mow the grass. And I stopped, because I found myself standing inside the arbor… and was floored by how the interior of the arbor looked, with all the roses going up the sides.


Bunny Visitors

For the most part, they’ve not done too much damage to the flowers and plants (though there was some nibbling on the apple trees). Still, it’s nice to see the area with more rabbits. I always joke that they know Liz lives here, and are stopping by to pay their respects. It’s very much a bunny house, inside and out.


A Spontaneous Backyard Tour

I said as much this time around, making my standard joke about taking credit for my wife’s work. But I was surprised that they were talking about our backyard, which isn’t really that visible from the sidewalk.

They mentioned they could see portions of the backyard down the driveway, and that’s what they were complimenting. After a beat, I asked if they were interested in walking back to take a look. And almost immediately, the gentleman I was talking to gave out an enthusiastic YES!


Bunny Guard

As we were sitting on the back porch, Liz pointed out that this rabbit was pretty content to just sit in one spot. In fact, it was cleaning itself for a long while… but ended up just plopping right there, on the border of our neighbor’s yard.

Liz theorized that this was a momma bunny, and there was a warren nearby she was protecting.


Daisy, Flowers

Daisy has had some “problems” with her hind area, for a while now. Things have gotten a bit out of hand, and tonight we decided to give her a bit of a span night. Mostly, this involved an old litter tray, some warm water, and a butt bath.

As you can imagine, she wasn’t quite happy with us.