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Yard Work, Interior Work

House day today – Liz was working in the yard, and I was inside helping Bob (who was working on our AC/HVAC).

I started the day with a run to Lowe’s to pick up several bags of mulch. But after that, I mostly shot between inside/outside, trying to help out where I could. In both places, Liz and Bob were the primary folks doing the work… and I just tried to assist as best I could.


Sistering in a Support Joist

With more duct work and electrical and piping now in the basement, we can no longer easily just insert a full-length board across the basement.

Luckily for us, Bob’s done this sort of thing before. And cut a long board into two notched pieces, which we would then “lock” into place with a tapered peg.


Chopsaw/Stand Setup

A newer term I somehow didn’t know until today: acorn nut. In the instructions, it told me to use a certain bolt and to attach the “acorn nut.” I eventually figured it out.


Big Basement Reorg, Day 3

Basement reorg done! The masonite is going to stay, because Liz needs some floor protection for when she’s stripping/refinishing wood. And also for any impromptu breakdancing competitions that might happen.


Big Basement Reorg, Day 1

We’ve had a few days to decompress and just rest/relax/loaf. And today, we decided to suit up and put a little time into some house work. The basement has been super neglected for a long time, and one of Liz’s goals for our holiday break was to do some serious reorganization.


Seeing the Back Basement

Bob’s been working in the basement, getting a lot of our electrical updated. We’ve had lights installed in the far West corner of the basement for some time, but they’ve just been hanging out, without power.


Wiring the Basement Lights

Bob was over today, helping us improve the electrical situation in the basement. While we’ve had the basement lights working in a temporary manner, we’re slowly getting them wired up more officially.


Drywall Work in the Basement

With the wall clear, there were a few more things we had to do before adding drywall. First up: installing some wood header pieces, inside the joist spaces, so that the drywall had something to grab onto. And we also wanted to add some soundproof insulation to the walls (a future plan for this space down here is to convert it into a bathroom).