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20×2 Chicago: Where Are We?


For my talk, I answered the “Where Are We” question by looking up all the various Felix Jungs I could find on Facebook. I noted where we all are as I found a total of 82 other Felix Jungs. We’re all over the map, in places like Burma and Costa Rica but there’s about 45 Felix Jungs in Germany.


My Boss is an Asshole


Yesterday morning, Ben was walking around the Product Development team, handing out these mugs to me, Chris and Justin. I forget exactly what prompted this, but I remember Ben making a joke about how he should get these mugs for everyone. A few days ago, apparently… Ben turned a whim into a reality.


Ballsdurdash: Game Night at Ben and Allison’s House


The game goes like this: one player looks through the Slang Dictionary and selects a word. They then tell the other players what the word is, and everyone writes down their own definition on a slip of paper. The person who picked the word writes down the actual, real definition. All the slips are turned in, and the person who chose the word has to read all the definitions out loud.