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Playing Pandemic

I’ve seen Pandemic around for a long, long time. It’s one of these classic board games that I’ve heard tons about, but never played. I’ve debated purchasing it several times in the past, but the rules always intimidated me… and I held off.

A few weeks back, I ended up going to our local toy store and finally bit the bullet. I looked over the instructions, and got comfortable enough with things that I decided I wanted to try to experience what this board game was all about.


The Worst Roll

Above, it’s my turn and my roll. Just enough to bear off one piece, but juuust shy of bearing off my final piece. Which means that Liz automatically wins on her turn/roll (even the lowest possible roll, double 1’s, gives her the win).


New Games

It was a lazy Saturday for us today, and I ended up with an itch to get some new board games for us to play. Liz and I have a very small collection of games, and I’ve gotten a little tired of the ones we have.

So I venture out to our nearby toy store (Toys et Cetera), and spent a good while browsing their wares.


Backgammon Gammon

For the most part, Liz tends to win our games. I get a few here and there. And we’ve upped things to where we play to a certain number of points. But for the most part, she usually wins.


More Bugs = More Fun

This has really been our to-go game of late. Each game has a lot of variety, there’s a lot of back and forth between who wins, and the games overall are fairly quick (maybe 15 minutes or so).



The game play looks amazing and incredibly satisfying to play. The only downside seems to just be the enormous size of the board, and the enormous price tag.



Our first night, Liz and I played maybe 6 or 7 games. Each game was maybe 15 minutes or so in length, and incredibly enjoyable.

As far as board games go, this one hits a lot of the major checkboxes: rules are easy to pick up quickly, games are fun to play, and the strategy/complexity grows the more you play it.


Late Night Backgammon

Tonight, we ended up starting a game late: around 10:30 PM. We ended up playing a mini-tournament of sorts, employing the doubling cube for the first time, with the winner being the first to 10 points.


Suddenly, Azul

As I walk into the bedroom, I see Liz sitting on the floor and Azul set up, with all the pieces ready to go. I’m convinced she was super quiet with all the tiles, as she was setting this up.


Foiler Caper

The thing of it is: Liz and I never got around to playing it. Because we spent all our time trying to read and understand the rules. And then after we failed to understand the mechanics, we had to look up a YouTube video explaining how to actually play the game.


New Game Game Night

The TL;DR on the rules: there are two moves per turn, one passive move and one aggressive move.

On the passive move, you need to move one of your stones up to two spaces (in any direction, including diagonal).

On the aggressive move, you need to move the exact same amount of spaces in the exact same direction, but the catch is it has to be on a board of the opposite color. And this opposite color can be either your board or your oppontent’s board.