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Suddenly, Azul

As I walk into the bedroom, I see Liz sitting on the floor and Azul set up, with all the pieces ready to go. I’m convinced she was super quiet with all the tiles, as she was setting this up.


Foiler Caper

The thing of it is: Liz and I never got around to playing it. Because we spent all our time trying to read and understand the rules. And then after we failed to understand the mechanics, we had to look up a YouTube video explaining how to actually play the game.


New Game Game Night

The TL;DR on the rules: there are two moves per turn, one passive move and one aggressive move.

On the passive move, you need to move one of your stones up to two spaces (in any direction, including diagonal).

On the aggressive move, you need to move the exact same amount of spaces in the exact same direction, but the catch is it has to be on a board of the opposite color. And this opposite color can be either your board or your oppontent’s board.


Power Out, Games Out

After a slow morning and spending a few hours doing some around-the-house chores, I was out in the backyard when I heard a series of loud, dull pops in the distance. It sounded like muted gunfire almost, which was really strange.


Playing the Royal Game of Ur

At first I thought Liz had the win, but I got myself into a great spot with many of my pieces near the end. I sent Liz’s last remaining piece back to the start not once, but twice! And both times, she rolled her way back to the end, and finished before I could get all my pieces off the board.


The Royal Game of Ur

The Royal Game of Ur is a board game that’s at least four and a half thousand years old, and was played in the Middle East by the Sumerians. The rules itself are fairly straightforward, and the gameplay results in some surprisingly exciting scenarios.


Battleship Torpedo Attack

Allison recently got a version of Battleship that I’ve never seen before – one where each side comes complete with a periscope that shoots torpedoes (tiny black marbles) under water, at the ships.