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Bedroom Window Prep

Today, we started to prep the exterior – and also removed the AC unit which was embedded into the foam insulation. If all goes well, we’ll be looking to install two newer windows into this space.


Final Furnace Room Drywall

Back at the house, we focused on getting some more drywall up in the furnace room. Not sure if I mentioned, but the stuff we’re putting up is fire board – similar to normal drywall, but just a little denser (and heavier).

We had an additional full sheet downstairs, but luckily didn’t have to go retrieve it. We were just barely able to use our remaining scraps to get the ceiling in.


Father’s Day on the Lake

While we’ve visited some in the past, we’ve never actually been out on the water. We didn’t end up bringing swimsuits, so we just got the chance to drive around for a bit.


Light Removal, Light Install

An old light, where the electrical had been disconnected long ago. Of note: that middle pipe is a gas line, a throwback to some earlier time when this light was likely powered by gas.


Sistering in a Support Joist

With more duct work and electrical and piping now in the basement, we can no longer easily just insert a full-length board across the basement.

Luckily for us, Bob’s done this sort of thing before. And cut a long board into two notched pieces, which we would then “lock” into place with a tapered peg.


Custom Cuts

Bob always has a few tricks up his sleeve, but I found this particular install impressive. He’s helping put in the exterior siding to the area under the kitchen (where we will eventually store a lot of outdoor supplies, and our garbage bins).


House Day

A work day today that mostly comprised of a lot of “smalls.” No big, singular tasks that take the entire day – a combination of small little things, here and there.