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Custom Cuts

Bob always has a few tricks up his sleeve, but I found this particular install impressive. He’s helping put in the exterior siding to the area under the kitchen (where we will eventually store a lot of outdoor supplies, and our garbage bins).


House Day

A work day today that mostly comprised of a lot of “smalls.” No big, singular tasks that take the entire day – a combination of small little things, here and there.


AC Install, Back Garden Work

The AC unit, in place! It was a little tricky getting this thing up high enough… but we eventually got there. Bob and I had to put it in place, make some marks, and then take it back down. After he drilled in holes for the base/feet… we had to put this thing back up again.

We’ve got another unit going in, but it won’t be quite as tight a fit as this was.


Core Fill

If you thought our concrete work was over, think again! With our concrete blocks in place, the next step we had was to fill the cores of all the blocks with concrete. Our aim was to make a “soupy” layer, to pour down each core… and to finish the tops with a more solid layer.


Block Wall Construction, Day 4

Got in the top course of the wall, which is technically all “bond beam” blocks. Bob used a custom blade on the circular saw to cut down three inches along the middle and sides of each block.


Block Wall Construction, Day 2

You can barely see it in this photo, but we have a dirty trick: we’re using 3/8″ nuts, and placing the between each course of block. This ensures that we’ll have the proper distance between blocks, and serves as a kind of guardrail.

It’s not what the professionals do, but… we are far from professionals. So long as things are consistent, no one’s the wiser.


Back Porch Repair

A fun and incredibly beautiful day today, with the weather in the upper 50’s and a hint in the air that Spring is just around the corner.