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Pouring a Housekeeping Pad in the Back Basement

Last night, Bob came over to do the cement pour in our back basement. Our goal was to have a small housekeeping pad for the (future) washer/dryer. We wanted to get it done over the weekend, but time got away from us. Luckily for us, Bob was willing to tackle it on a school night.


Prep Work for the Housekeeping Pad

We’ll be doing a small housekeeping pad, for the washer and dryer. And that means… more bags of cement! Seventeen bags, to be exact. The funny thing? When we figured out the final number of bags we’d need, my first thought was “Oh good, that’s not so bad.”


Closing Up the Basement Wall

Bob was over a few nights ago, helping us get the last bit of plywood up along the wall (by where our basement stairs will go). That said, he was off doing his own measurements for the stairs while Liz and I measured and cut the plywood for the last remaining section.