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Bunny Close Up

Hugo is a pretty chill rabbit, but it’s always funny to remember just how sizable he is (especially compared to Daisy). I feel like those ears could pick up stealth bomber activity, over the Eastern seaboard.


Daisy Flops

I know that when rabbits flop, it’s a sign they’re comfortable and at ease. Usually wary of predators, flopping on their side means they’re not concerned and feel safe.

There’s a part of me that wonders if it’s Daisy’s age getting to her, that she just needs more rest on her side. Either way though, it’s still lovely to see. And to get the sense that she feels safe and at ease with us, in our house.


Bold Backyard Bunnies

I was filling up some watering cans, to water the plants on our front porch… and looked up to see these guys, in the distance. One of them eventually came over and started down the driveway towards me. I was actually shocked to see just how close he came to me. And got a bit of it on video.


Garden Breakfast

It’s been a few mornings like this, and this new ritual feels remarkably nice. As the coffee is brewing, I’m out in my backyard… the air is still cool, with dew still on the ground.


Bunny Visitors

For the most part, they’ve not done too much damage to the flowers and plants (though there was some nibbling on the apple trees). Still, it’s nice to see the area with more rabbits. I always joke that they know Liz lives here, and are stopping by to pay their respects. It’s very much a bunny house, inside and out.


Bunny Guard

As we were sitting on the back porch, Liz pointed out that this rabbit was pretty content to just sit in one spot. In fact, it was cleaning itself for a long while… but ended up just plopping right there, on the border of our neighbor’s yard.

Liz theorized that this was a momma bunny, and there was a warren nearby she was protecting.


Daisy, Flowers

Daisy has had some “problems” with her hind area, for a while now. Things have gotten a bit out of hand, and tonight we decided to give her a bit of a span night. Mostly, this involved an old litter tray, some warm water, and a butt bath.

As you can imagine, she wasn’t quite happy with us.


Hugo vs. the Tunnel

Hanging out with the bunnies tonight, I caught Hugo getting a little aggressive with the tunnel. I’m not sure if he was just bored (probably), but he really went at this thing… more than I’ve seen him in a while.


Evening Bunny

When I got near the front yard, I paused… and saw this guy also paused. Somewhat looking over his shoulder at me, warily.

I felt like I was blocking his access to the backyard, and tried to make a wide berth. He seemed like he was waiting for me to move away a little.


Hugo Hop

Caught this moment where Hugo hopped on top of the hut, and was content to just sit there while getting pets.


Early Easter

When I was downstairs this morning, making coffee… I looked out the window, and spotted this portly gentleman just sitting under our arbor.


Bunny Burritos

It’s been a while since Daisy and Hugo had their nails trimmed. They were overdue, to say the least. And so this means… burrito time!