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Daisy, Sleeping

The flop at the end of the video is icing on the cake. We’ve rarely seen Daisy over on her side like this, so it’s a testament to how comfortable she must have gotten. I will say – it makes me a little nervous, seeing how much she’s been sleeping lately.


Bunny Traffic Jam

We have this plastic tunnel thing that we bring out, from time to time. It’s older, and not something Hugo has really seen before.

Tonight, Liz threw few pellets inside to encourage Hugo to explore. Because Hugo, for all his size and weight, is still something of a scaredy cat.


Bunny Tunnel Vision

I tried to be very quiet and slow, for fear of startling her. I got a few quick photos, and then decided to take some video of her just… well, sitting there. And then this happened:


Daisy the Stoic

Tonight when we were sitting with the bunnies (a nightly ritual for us, near the end of the evening), Hugo was bopping around some. But Liz and I were laughing at Daisy, who was just sitting still, with this kind of far-off daze on her face. Just totally checked out and indifferent.


Daisy is Hard Down

Liz and I have a silly saying that we use, whenever we see that Daisy is fast asleep. If we can tell she’s really out sleeping, we’ll say “She’s hard down!”


Hugo Burrito

We had some long overdue bunny maintenance planned today (cleaning Daisy up with some wet wipes, and clipping Hugo’s toenails). For both, Liz and I employed the tried and true “bunny burrito” method.


Cottage Duo

Got this lovely moment, when both Hugo and Daisy were in the cottage together. This has traditionally been Daisy’s spot, so it was fun to see Hugo also jammed in here with her.


Hugo, Napping

Usually, Hugo is all full of pep and energy. So it was a rare treat to find him taking a nap, and to see him flopped over a bit on his side to boot.


Clay Bunnies

For her office holiday party/event, all of Liz’s coworkers are building gingebread houses. They’re all getting kits to assemble, and are doing a kind of Zoom-based, real-time gingerbread construction (remotely).

In preparation, Liz decided she was going to create some extra details. Translation: bunny rabbits.