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A New Bunny Space for Hugo and Daisy

Liz has continued the bonding sessions with them, but has slowly progressed to where she’s no longer sitting and monitoring them both. The two have been in the same space for a few hours at a stretch, and Liz felt it was time for them to be around one another, 100%.


30 Seconds of Daisy Snoring

I was sitting with Daisy one evening, and she decided to just hang out in her hop-n-flop… and promptly fell asleep. But not only was she sleeping, she started snoring.

I was able to get my camera out, and quietly filmed her up close for a little while.


Everyone, Meet Hugo

We’ve joked that we should have named him “Buddy,” because that’s what we end up calling him casually. Maybe that will be more of a nickname, and Hugo will be what he uses for… I dunno, when he signs legal documents or something.


Daisy and Mr. Bubbles, Second Bonding Session

Things were going ok this time, but a bit more dominance issues getting worked out. Mr. Bubbles is still a pretty young bunny, and technically was neutered not too long again.

Given how excitable he was tonight, we’re thinking of delaying the next bonding session for a few days… and see if he doesn’t settle down a bit more.


Daisy and Mr. Bubbles, First Bonding Session

With Daisy and Mr. Bubbles next to one another, we could tell they were anxious to hang out again. Daisy could sense someone new was around (though her eyesight probably prevented her from seeing). And Mr. Bubbles was definitely showing an interest in Daisy and her pen.


Another New Bunny in the House

We got some time with Mr. Bubbles, and Liz entered in to mediate the bonding session. Things went very positively, and we felt really good about their encounter – so much so that we decided to make it official.


Daisy and Carmelita, Bonding Sessions Continue

We’ve had a few more bonding sessions with Daisy and Carmelita this week. Things seemed to start off positively (the two were really great with one another, at Liz Rench’s house). But the last few sessions took a turn, where Carmelita has gotten a lot more aggressive.


A New Bunny in the House

Two females bonding is not unheard of, but is typically a tougher match. So there was some hesitation here, bringing Daisy and Carmelita together. But they got along pretty well on their first date, and Carmelita was a strong candidate.


Goodbye, Phineas

I am incredibly saddened to share the news that we had to put Phineas to sleep tonight. We knew he was struggling, but were hoping to have a bit more time with him. There’s a lot more to write and share, but I don’t know how soon I’ll be updating this particular entry. I’ll have more, but not just yet….