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Chicago Pinball Expo, 2016


Ben ended up arriving about 5 minutes after me, and luckily for us… we had no problems at all with registration. Aside from our name tags being missing. All that rushing made for a really stressful start to the day.


Chicago Pinball Expo, 2015


The Game Hall is essentially an old school arcade, filled with pinball machines. Each machine is set on “Free Play,” so no money is needed. The Game Hall was closed off for the morning’s tournament, but opened on Friday at 1PM. And get this: it remains open until Sunday morning. So if you felt like playing at 3AM… you could.


While Visiting Two Video Game Arcades with Chris, a Bet Arises


Thankfully, the terms of the bet weren’t so complex as to require the use of The overall wager was very straightforward – at the end of each game, the person with the highest score wins. After all our tokens are done, person with the most wins is the victor. The loser then has to change their Twitter profile to say something about how the other person is the greatest video game player in the world, name-checking the winner using their full name and Twitter handle.


Headquarters Beercade with Chris


I have to say – these guys definitely know their target audience. The game selection, combined with the music and shows on TV (old episodes of American Gladiators and WWF). The drink menus were kind of spliced into old comic books, and as I ordered… I saw Randy “Macho Man” Savage fighting the Ultimate Warrior on the main TV. The whole place reeked of a certain late 80’s and early 90’s nostalgia, and it was pretty fantastic.


EI Happy Hour


We ended up taking the Blue Line over to Wicker Park, and got a table at Rodan. Had a few more drinks and some dinner (lots of Ramen on the table), and called it a night around 10PM or so. Apparently, when I’m drunk… I’m really, really interested in smoking cigarettes. Despite some attempts at peer pressure, where I was leaning on AJ and Justin a bit), there was no smoking to be had. Which in hindsight, was a good thing.


Allison, Chris, and the Long Forgotten T-Shirt Prank


The idea came up for multiple people to all get similar full-size t-shirts… and incredibly, people started to order them independently (from The Mountain and Fab). Meagan had the excellent idea that everyone would hang out at a bar together somewhere (karaoke, maybe), and each shirt would slowl be revealed through a series of photos posted onto Flickr or Facebook. With Chris humongo Allison-faced shirt being the last image in the set.


Manny’s Deli


Here’s a funny thing about keeping a daily blog for years and years: sometimes, you can pinpoint the exact date when you were last at a restaurant. In terms of going to Manny’s, the last time I was here was November 6th, 2003 – a little under nine years ago.


My Boss is an Asshole


Yesterday morning, Ben was walking around the Product Development team, handing out these mugs to me, Chris and Justin. I forget exactly what prompted this, but I remember Ben making a joke about how he should get these mugs for everyone. A few days ago, apparently… Ben turned a whim into a reality.