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Christmas Tree Dropoff

I was adamant about not leaving our old trees on the front porch. Mostly because I have this worry that some random arsonist is going to walk by and see the opportunity. And set our house ablaze with the flick of a match.

Liz has mocked me mercilessly about this, the last few days. But I’m solid in my sense that doing so would be dangerous in the city. Tempting fate, by leaving this uber flammable thing that’s visible from the street.


Christmas in Indy, Day 2: Cold and Snow, Painting and Cookies

We were thinking about using an upcoming weekend day to just relax and make cookies. But looking at our remaining time and our progress in the hallway, we realized we had more work and less free time than we anticipated.

So tonight, we made cookies. Or rather – everyone else made cookies, and I watched them. Liz brought a few recipes and was working on Oatmeal cookies and Sugar cookies.


Christmas in Indy, Day 1: Painting Prep and Ransom Note

One prompt in particular stands out. It was: “Politely tell your kidnapper that you need to go to the bathroom.” I forget who gave this answer, but the phrase “juice break” came up. And for the rest of the night (and the rest of our visit), that became a kind of in-joke that we kept going.


Early Xmas in Indianapolis: Day 1

My sister didn’t remember it at first, but she recognized this photo. She kept saying “Who is that?” but couldn’t quite place where she recognized him from.

As I played the video, she started to remember bits and pieces. And it was hilarious, watching her remember all the various characters from this film.