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Comic Book Suggestions

I like binging on a big long story at once. I got into comics after being introduced to Sandman in college, and ever since… I just like having a solid volume to go through at my leisure.


The Wolf Among Us: Video Game Based On the Fables Comic Book by Bill Willingham

They’re billing it as a season premiere, which is an interesting approach promising connected games that play out like a television show – a total of five different episodes will comprise one “season.” Additionally, the game will have a lot of decision-based mechanics, where choices you make will (purportedly) influence elements in the game – promising that one person’s experience with the game will be different from another’s. I like the fact that they will be pressuring players to make these types of decisions quickly, “reflecting the pressures of real-world decision-making,” but I’m cautiously optimistic whenever someone touts decision-based games offering up truly different outcomes.


The Wormworld Saga

The story revolves around a young boy named Jonas, who finds himself happier in the world of his imagination. Each “chapter” is presented as a large series of graphics, and to read through the story… you simply scroll down the page. This is something definitely better experienced on a regular monitor or tablet.


The Trenches

A few months ago, I came across another comic done by the same guys called The Trenches. I started off reading a bit of the beginning, and before I knew it… I got sucked in. Ever since, I’ve been waiting for Tuesdays/Thursdays, to read the latest installment.


Ryan Armand: GREAT

I started reading the first few pages, and then the storyline took an odd little turn. And then it took another odd little turn, and made me wonder where things were headed. I went a few more pages in, and another turn… and before I knoew it, I had lost maybe nearly half an hour, reading through a ton of the story.


All the Books in the World

Originally titled gospodin libar (“Mister Bookseller”), this comic was created by Darko Macan and Tihomir Celanovic. A little digging around reveals that the original was written in Croatian, but someone along the way translated (and relettered) the text into English.


Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men Comics

One of the things I’ve really liked with my new iPad is reading comics. I’ve downloaded both the Marvel Comics and DC Comics iPad apps, both of which have a set of “free” comics you can download.

Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough, but I only see individual issues available through DC, whereas I can buy whole collections through Marvel. I’ve long been a fan of buying bound editions, versus going issue by issue (I prefer a massive binge over a slow, steady drip).