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Trapped in the Internet’s Liminal Spaces

So somewhere, somehow, the logic around these emails continues to churn out message after message. And they arrive in my Inbox. But the messages themselves are broken and malformed. And there’s no way for me to stop this process.

The project seems to have been long abandoned, but the rules and logic and infrastructure around the project’s inception seems to continue, unabated.


The Distant and the Near

All is not lost, if things don’t work out. I could always use this newer pair for driving and things that require distance. And use the other pair for closer work, like coding and whatnot. That just feels like such an old person thing to do, switch between glasses. It’s a little disheartening.


Wow, 40 – That’s Really Old to Oh Crap Wait I’m 40

While I was waiting to get my second round of prescriptions at the pharmacy, I spotted a sign that they require identification from anyone under 40. My first reaction was: wow, that’s super old. And then a split second later, I had the stark realization that waitaminute, I’m 40 years old.


A Pain in the Neck

Liz rubbed my neck and back a little bit, and I just let it be. The next day, the issue seemed to continue – and wasn’t any better. In fact, the back of my neck was very tender (and hot) to the touch. Taking a shower this morning seemed to help, but it was about the same all day.


A Cough, a Sneeze, and the Ignominy of Back Pain

Standing in the bathroom, I could feel the sneeze welling up. I grabbed a bit of tissue paper, and at the exact time that I sneezed… I felt something sharp in my back. A small group of my back muscles seized up in an instant. It felt like someone had hit me in the back with a baseball bat, but the area of impact was about the size of a grapefruit.