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To be honest, I still have a sense of trepidation about Covid. I’m having a hard time adjusting my thinking to the idea that everything is ok or normal again, or at least a kind of vaccinated normal.

It’s hard to know if I truly feel it’s safe to travel. Or if I want to travel so badly, that I feel it’s safe.


New Games

It was a lazy Saturday for us today, and I ended up with an itch to get some new board games for us to play. Liz and I have a very small collection of games, and I’ve gotten a little tired of the ones we have.

So I venture out to our nearby toy store (Toys et Cetera), and spent a good while browsing their wares.


The Delta Variant

“The original Coronavirus variant has an R0 of ~2.71. Alpha – the ‘English variant’ that caused a spike around the world around Christmas – is about 60% more infectious. Now it appears that Delta is about 60% more transmissible yet again. Depending on which figure you use, it would put Delta’s R0 between 4 and 9, which could make it more contagious than smallpox.”


A Downtown Chicago Story

This was my first visit downtown again in… a year and a half. I snapped this photo right before walking across the street, and looked up to see this guy standing a few steps into the intersection, yelling “Hey!” loudly and repeatedly.


Covid Hair

But for me, the act of cutting my hair is almost like an admission that things are back to normal. And deep down, I still feel like we are far from normal. And that I don’t yet know what the Fall brings.


The Tyranny of Spreadsheets

“When used by a trained accountant to carry out double-entry bookkeeping, a long-established system with inbuilt error detection, Excel is a perfectly professional tool. But when pressed into service by genetics researchers or contact tracers, it’s like using your Swiss Army Knife to fit a kitchen because it’s the tool you have closest at hand. Not impossible but hardly advisable.”


Birthday Party for Jake

I ended up arriving between waves, as one set of folks were leaving and another showed up. We had a ton of rain (and some tornado sirens) earlier in the day, but by the time the party was underway… there wasn’t much more than the occasional slight drizzle.


Goodbye, Shyamal

I’m super bummed to see Shyamal leave, as he’s one of those rare devs that kicks out a tremendous amount of code, and it’s all high quality stuff. He’s also got a savvy ability to see things at the 10,000 foot level, and has a good sense for not just project deliverables but the whole project overall.


Liz’s Second Birthday at Home

We’re both nearing the two weeks after our second shot, but we’ve been sequestered for so long… going out to eat anywhere still feels distant. I think it will take us a considerable amount of time before we feel comfortable doing something like that again.


Recovery Day

I took the day off work as a “recovery” day, after hearing a lot of reports that this second shot is what does people in. I expected flu-like symptoms, and to be more or less out of commission. I heard some people experience symptoms 10-12 hours after the shot, others 24+ hours.


Covid Vaccine: Shot #2

On the way to my car, I couldn’t help but snap a photo of the line that began to form. This was closer to noon, and still wasn’t too bad all told. I expect the line gets longer, the later it gets in the day, but I doubt it ever gets as bad as when it first opened.


Cautiousness and Delays

The idea of eating inside a restaurant or having a drink inside a bar sounds lovely. Seeing family and friends again, sounds lovely. But I have no idea how ready I am for that all.

After over a year being cautious, staying inside and avoiding the out, large crowds make me uncomfortable. I was never one for being around a ton of other people, and that aversion to crowds has grown over the last year.