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Costa Rica to Chicago

For posterity: Liz captured the moment where Lauren finally passed the slow moving truck – and in the river, no less! I’ve passed a lot of cars while driving in my time, but I’ve yet to pass another vehicle while in the water.


Las Catalinas, Day 8: Lazy Day

The pattern of our days, in Las Catalinas, has been something like this: wake up, breakfast, reading for a while, get sleepy, possible nap, wake up and read a bit more, maybe swim, possible second nap, drinks watching the sun set, dinner, drinks post dinner, repeat.


Las Catalinas, Day 4: A Delayed Discovery

I walked into the pool slowly, and made my way towards the low ledge (where you can hang your arms over, and just look out over the side of the house). Best spot in the pool.

Right before I was going to lean over the ledge, I realized that my phone was still in my pocket.


Chicago to Costa Rica

Woke up super early (4:00 AM) so that we could catch a ride to O’Hare, along with Julie and Bob, for a vacation in Costa Rica. We got invited to stay with Liz’s Uncle David and Auth Beth, and to trade in our cold Chicago days for some warmer climes.