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Busy Friday

I happened to be working from home today, and in talking with Liz… we decided to do our regular run after work. There was some rain in the forecast for tomorrow, so we opted to try to pack in a lot of outdoor stuff we had planned… today.


First Run of 2013

This morning, Liz and I headed out into the early AM and ran around the boulevard. It was our first official run of 2013, and it was a rough re-introduction after many months away.


Photos From the Hot Chocolate 5K, Chicago

We got up pretty early this morning, making our way downtown at around 6:00 AM. Liz was going to meet her friend Meg at Buckingham Fountain around 6:40 AM. Though we made it downtown in decent time, we got stuck a bit, trying to get into the underground garages on Michigan. When it got closer to 6:30 AM, Liz hopped out of the car and went off to meet her running partner.


Couch to 5K: Week 6, Trying to Outrun the Cold

Liz and I have been doing our running in the mornings, and so far that’s been working out pretty well. With a slight increase in the overall time (and us adding in some ab exercises, immediately afterwards)… we try to get out the door as close to 7 AM as possible.

And lately? It’s been pretty darned cold out there. I think this morning the temperature was 41, but the “feels like” temp was 35. When Liz asked if I had any gloves to wear, I thought for a second and realized – Yes! I did.


Couch to 5K: Week 5, Workout 3 – 20 Minutes

Here’s what totally helped: I looked around online, and many other people had reservations about this particular segment of the program. Many folks were giving the same advice: slow down. Slow it WAY down. So though I looked like a senior citizen with a limp, we kept things slow and I was able to keep one foot moving in front of the other. Time enough to work on speed and distance… for now, my goal is time-based.


Couch to 5K: Soundtrack Changes

The lines “And all you need is just one more excuse,” and “I want to hear your very best excuse” are perfect for me. Whenever I feel my energy flagging, I fixate on these two lines and dig in a little more.

As of this second week, I’m becoming more aggressive about our runs – treating them in a kind of combative way. I’m hoping this will change, as I can’t imagine maintaining this mindset for a super long time. But for now, it’s giving me a good kick in the ass, to ensure I keep at it.