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Celebrating My Mom’s Birthday: St. Elmo’s

I wasn’t quite expecting the maze-like interior, but we got taken downstairs and to some far back room. Because there were eight of us, we got seated in a room off the main area… and though some other folks sat at the nearby tables, it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.


Christmas, Interrupted

After a quick huddle, Liz and I figured it would be best if we headed back to Chicago. As much as we wanted to stay, there were a few risks involved. While our contact with Jasmine was limited, we were somewhat close (I did get to give her a hug at one point).

So whether we got it or not remains a question. We could remain in Indy a bit longer, but staying potentially increased our chances of contracting Covid.

Another risk: if we developed symptoms or started to get sick, Stacey potentially would need to them take care of us and/or we’d be unable to make it back to Chicago until we recovered. And in terms of self-isolating, we’d all end up having to restart the clock based on the last person to exhibit symptoms.


Hanging with the Family in Indy

We couldn’t really come up with a good gift idea for my parents this year. With my dad getting some surgery on his eyes recently, his vision has drastically improved. So the idea of doing a VR thing came up – and we decided to turn it into a big, group outing.


Joanne and Tomiwa’s Wedding

The wedding/reception was at a lovely venue called Paradise Falls. I was tempted to bring my camera, fulfilling my role as a Chinese wedding guest… but decided to just bring my phone. I figured I’d let the professional photographers handle the photos.


Christmas Day in Indianapolis (2018)

I love the symmetry of this gift. A long while ago, the husband created this slide for his wife. And many years later, my wife created a print of that slide for me. I’d like to think that we are furthering a tradition here, and will continue to fill that little house with love.


Christmas Eve in Indianapolis (2018)

Candle service, close to midnight. The lights go dim, and everyone sings “Silent Night.” There’s a part of me that wishes I could record this moment each year, as it’s quite lovely. The whole room darkens, and the candles flicker their light against the walls… and everyone sings softly, as we near the midnight hour.


Mom and Dad, Playing Ping Pong

Posting this as a reminder of how much fun the ping pong table was, at the house where we stayed. Mom and Dad spent a great deal of time out here, hitting the ball back and forth. And, I might add, throwing down a lot of smack talk between one another. When I came out here to take some video of them, my dad was saying “I’m letting her have fun.” Which he followed shortly with “She thinks she can beat me – no way, Jose!”