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Daisy Cleaning

We gave Daisy a bit of a cleaning today. She’s had some fur matting near her behind, and along her legs. So we made a makeshift bath, and got to addressing her hindquarters a bit.

We were able to comb some of the area out, but also cut a lot of matted fur as well. And also gave her a nail trim to boot.


Holiday Tunnel

Liz broke out the new bunny tunnel that we got as a gift, from Katie and Tim. Hugo was pretty wary at first, but eventually wandered in and got to exploring.


Daisy Falls Asleep in My Hand

The audio is tough, so you’ll really need to turn things up a lot to hear it. But I think you can catch just a little bit. At the end, she wakes up and pulls away… but it’s still a win to me, because I got to hold her as she was sleeping. Just for a little bit.


Bunny Close Up

Hugo is a pretty chill rabbit, but it’s always funny to remember just how sizable he is (especially compared to Daisy). I feel like those ears could pick up stealth bomber activity, over the Eastern seaboard.


Daisy, Flowers

Daisy has had some “problems” with her hind area, for a while now. Things have gotten a bit out of hand, and tonight we decided to give her a bit of a span night. Mostly, this involved an old litter tray, some warm water, and a butt bath.

As you can imagine, she wasn’t quite happy with us.


Bunny Burritos

It’s been a while since Daisy and Hugo had their nails trimmed. They were overdue, to say the least. And so this means… burrito time!


Daisy, Sleeping

The flop at the end of the video is icing on the cake. We’ve rarely seen Daisy over on her side like this, so it’s a testament to how comfortable she must have gotten. I will say – it makes me a little nervous, seeing how much she’s been sleeping lately.


Bunny Traffic Jam

We have this plastic tunnel thing that we bring out, from time to time. It’s older, and not something Hugo has really seen before.

Tonight, Liz threw few pellets inside to encourage Hugo to explore. Because Hugo, for all his size and weight, is still something of a scaredy cat.


Bunny Tunnel Vision

I tried to be very quiet and slow, for fear of startling her. I got a few quick photos, and then decided to take some video of her just… well, sitting there. And then this happened: