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Two Ladders

It’s an odd thing, but I feel like I lost a skill. Not that my photos were ever that skillful. I’m talking about a way of looking at the world. I’m out of practice.

I felt this way about writing poetry, in particular. I did it a lot when I was younger, in grad school, and during my early years in Chicago. But as I slowly replaced writing poetry with writing code, I feel like I lost a certain point of view. I feel like I lost a way of looking at the world.


Meeting Jamie Again, After Eighteen Years

I got a random message (through Instagram) from my friend Jamie, letting me know she would be in Chicago for a few days. “Friend” is an interesting word here. Jamie and I have known one another for a very, very long time. “Know” is also an interesting word here, as we met over two decades ago… back when we were both Flash animators and the Internet was just this very fledgling, shiny new thing we were all trying to figure out.


Ford Kids in Chicago, 2023 (Part Two): Breakfast at Roux, Museum of Science and Industry, 57th Street Books, Dinner at Eataly, Dessert at the Sugar Factory

Liz and I had a second day today, with the Ford kids. Our plan was another “Day in Chicago,” but this time a bit more reserved. A bit lower key.

We blew most of our energy last week on a pretty event-filled day. So today had fewer events, fewer things to do. But we still ended up filling the day, and then some.


Suddenly, Rats

I was downtown today, and as I was walking to pick up my lunch… I spotted a group of people on the corner of Washington and Dearborn.

It took me a minute, but I realized it was writers protesting, as part of the WGA strike.

And then, to the side, I noticed the rats.



Now that I’m actually commuting in to work a few times each week, I’ve been on the lookout more for stickers, graffiti – the small things that I really didn’t get to see, when we were working remotely all the time.


Getting a Head

A fun thing about being downtown in the “early” morning (this was circa 8:30 AM)… you get to see all manner of folks setting up for the day.


A Light Bet

Known for its custom messages, the two of us argued about how the messages were “created.” Liz felt that it was a more manual process (turning on specific office lights by hand), and I was convinced it had to be a more automated one (involving a central computer or laptop that handled everything).