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Street Concrete Work

Yesterday, right as Bob was here with a truck full of drywall… wouldn’t you know it, the crew was just starting to pour the cement for our driveway apron. We had scheduled some help with Dolly, and had two helpers scheduled for the morning.


New Curb, No Driveway

There was a lot of changes on our street, when I got home after work. I’d heard that they would be doing some restoration work (replacing the curbs and repairing all the concrete along the street)… but I wasn’t quite prepared to see the state of the street.


Packing Trash, Pulling Weeds

I ended up trimming a few tree limbs that were dangling over the sidewalk. And I brought out a Bluetooth speaker so I could listen to music, while I weeded. Over the course of the next hour or two, I sank three beers and just hung out outside, slowly plucking weeds.