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Trapped in the Internet’s Liminal Spaces

So somewhere, somehow, the logic around these emails continues to churn out message after message. And they arrive in my Inbox. But the messages themselves are broken and malformed. And there’s no way for me to stop this process.

The project seems to have been long abandoned, but the rules and logic and infrastructure around the project’s inception seems to continue, unabated.


The McKinnon Account: An Experimental Short Story Told Over Email (and Time)

“This is a small experiment in creating something that feels immersive and real-time, but doesn’t require nor allow any true interaction. I have a theory that people want to feel the emotional texture of having performed influential tasks in a story or game, but mostly don’t want to do the actual work. So: completely passive but it feels like something interactive.”


Wait… What is That? Is That Someone Singing?

After having been away for a week on vacation, I came back to the office and went about things as usual: logged in, fired up my email (Outlook), browsed the web a bit.

Every so often, I noticed a slight *ding* in the background. It sounded a bit like someone singing, but I pegged it as some kind of annoying popup thing. I’d hear the sound, then go and scan the tabs I had open to see what was causing it.