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Dining Room, Ceiling Drywall, Day 2

We woke up early this morning as well, but got a slightly earlier start today than yesterday. Liz and I both wanted to hit it hard earlier in the day, with the hopes that we’d have some time in the afternoon/evening to actually enjoy our weekend some.


Long Drywall Day

For each sheet, we’re doing a bit of dry fitting first. But after that, we’re throwing up some Liquid Nails on the wall and affixing the final sheet on together. The process has been a little tricky, as we’re also using a set of mini/foot lifters, to get the sheet up against the ceiling.


Las Catalinas, Day 8: Lazy Day

The pattern of our days, in Las Catalinas, has been something like this: wake up, breakfast, reading for a while, get sleepy, possible nap, wake up and read a bit more, maybe swim, possible second nap, drinks watching the sun set, dinner, drinks post dinner, repeat.


I’m Getting DSL (in Germany)

Starting a week or so back, I began receiving emails from a DSL company in Germany. I’m accustomed to getting email intended for other people named Felix Jung (Google ignores special characters in email addresses, so felix.jung as well as f.e.l.i.x.j.u.n.g arricves in my Inbox)). So when the email is in German, I suspect it’s for some other Felix Jung.


House Day, Talk Night

Here’s me talking about a particular moment from back in 2005. I’ll keep this a secret until the video’s available, but maybe some of you might know what this is about.


Returning Home to More Demo

Sunday morning, Liz and I debated how to spend the day. We talked about possibly heading in to St. Louis to visit a few places, but they all didn’t open until noon.

Ultimately, we decided to head back to Chicago so we could… do more house work, and do more demo. We figured that we’d get home mid-afternoon, leaving us a few hours to get some more work in.


On the Way to Edwardsville

This, to me, was an indicator that the battery was being charged, but only got charged when the car was moving at a certain speed. Since most of our trip would be on the highway, at a decent speed, I figured we’d be fine. The battery would charge as we were travelling, and would stop charging when we slowed to under 10 mph.

That was an incorrect assumption. As you’ll soon see.