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Waking Up at 4:00 AM for a Colonoscopy

Honestly, in addition to the process itself… the administration of this drug was also fairly unsettling to me. I heard stories of people emerging from this having said or blurted out all manner of crazy things.

Part of me wondered: what would I say? Horrible things about what I thought of others? Would I blurt out statements that would reveal me for the horrible person I am, deep down? Would something happen where I would lose all of my memories, and not just the ones during the procedure.


Colonoscopy Prep

The day before my procedure, I was working from home. I dropped Liz off at the train station, picked up a coffee… and what I walked by the bathroom upstairs, I spotted this little gift that Liz had left for me.

My wife, ladies and gentelmen. God bless her.


Weekend in Whitehall, Day 2

I didn’t end up taking a lot of photos this weekend. I was planning, originally, to start that sentence with “sadly” but I’m wondering now if this was a bad thing. I ended up enjoying the moment more, and wasn’t as focused on trying to document the moment.


Felix Jung, 20×2 Chicago: What Did We Miss?

Everyone who participated got to answer the question however they saw fit, but had to follow one rule: answer in two minutes or less. I had a blast presenting, and really enjoyed all the varied answers. Below, I’m including video of my talk (along with a few favorites).


20×2 Chicago and an Impromptu Date Night

Tonight, I opted to just tell a story. I had some photos and slides made up, but it just ended up being all of two photos. And while they might have helped, they felt more like a distraction. So I just went all in on the words themselves.


Early Coffee with Jenny

As luck would have it, my cousin Jenny was in town this week – and we made plans to catch up over some coffee, early on Friday morning. We met up at the Intelligentsia that’s near Millennium Station (the one that I tend to walk by, but rarely stop at because I’m rushing to get to work).