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Me and My New Seagull Guitar

After a many months of hand-wringing, I went out shopping with Liz on my birthday and pulled the trigger on a new guitar. Despite having wanted a guitar for some significant period of time now, the actual process of shopping for and buying the thing was actually kind of difficult. It was less about comparing guitars, and more about me having some weird reaction to actually buying the thing.


Liz’s Macaron Dress

Liz has been super hard at work on a Macaron dress for a long while now. She started it in July of 2011, but has recently spent a lot of time working on and finally finishing the dress. Though I’ve ceased to keep track of all her projects on here (ever since she got her own blog), this one warrants a special look. There’s a ton of intricate work involved – lots of lace, a lot of hand sewing, a lot of complicated things I don’t quite understand. The end result is pretty spectacular.


Working Together

Normally, if we’re off doing our own projects… Liz is in the living room, and I’m in the office – she’s on her sewing machine, I’m on my Mac. But tonight was a nice change of pace. We both got to hang out at the same spot, and went about our tasks.


Caribbean Cruise, Day 3: Seasickness and a Day at Sea

We were warned by the captain that we might be in for some rough travel, and he advised folks who might be prone to motion sickness to take some Dramamine. I’ve had a bad history of seasickness – most notably when I was traveling to Cozumel a few years ago. I made the mistake of trying to video our ferry ride, and watching the camera viewscreen while we were moving more or less did me in. I felt nauseous for a few hours afterwards, and it was a terrible feeling that took a long time to get rid of. It wasn’t something I really was wanting to experience again.


Holiday Cocktails

The first evening I did NyQuil, it felt like horse tranquilizers. I slept great, but it took a few hours before I could fully shake off the residual haze the next morning. Every night since, I’ve lessened the dosage… and though it’s helped with my morning grogginess, I’ve slept poorly – waking up every few hours through the night.


My LinkedIn Profile

I created a LinkedIn profile ages and ages ago, and then promptly forgot all about it. In the following years, I never really went back to it. From time to time, someone would add me, and I’d mechanically go back and add then.

But after a while, the emails and notifications became more of a nuisance to me. I was settled in my job, and wasn’t interested in searching for other employment opportunities. I didn’t care to maintain a profile… and ended up deleting the account entirely.


Me and Chip and Dale

While we were at Epcot, the group we were with kind of splintered off into different directions. At a random point in the late morning, I suddenly found that I was on my own. I waited around a bit, then decided I was going to kill time by going to get my picture taken with Chip and Dale (who were at a nearby area, taking photos with visitors).


Getting a Flu Shot, Fear of Needles

Last month, thanks to Alexandra and our company’s Wellness budget, we had someone come in to work and administer free flu shots. I’m pretty uncomfortable with needles (who isn’t), but decided I did want to get a flu shot this year.

When the nurse arrived, I was quick to jump in line first. I just wanted it over and done with. I think Jane and I both got our forms at the same time, but I ended up finishing first.