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Colonoscopy Prep

The day before my procedure, I was working from home. I dropped Liz off at the train station, picked up a coffee… and what I walked by the bathroom upstairs, I spotted this little gift that Liz had left for me.

My wife, ladies and gentelmen. God bless her.


Weekend in Whitehall, Day 2

I didn’t end up taking a lot of photos this weekend. I was planning, originally, to start that sentence with “sadly” but I’m wondering now if this was a bad thing. I ended up enjoying the moment more, and wasn’t as focused on trying to document the moment.


Felix Jung, 20×2 Chicago: What Did We Miss?

Everyone who participated got to answer the question however they saw fit, but had to follow one rule: answer in two minutes or less. I had a blast presenting, and really enjoyed all the varied answers. Below, I’m including video of my talk (along with a few favorites).


20×2 Chicago and an Impromptu Date Night

Tonight, I opted to just tell a story. I had some photos and slides made up, but it just ended up being all of two photos. And while they might have helped, they felt more like a distraction. So I just went all in on the words themselves.


Early Coffee with Jenny

As luck would have it, my cousin Jenny was in town this week – and we made plans to catch up over some coffee, early on Friday morning. We met up at the Intelligentsia that’s near Millennium Station (the one that I tend to walk by, but rarely stop at because I’m rushing to get to work).


The Bunnies Return!

The bunnies have been staying with Liz Rench for the last few months, as we wanted them to be elsewhere during a lot of the recent house work. Over the holidays, Liz and I talked and decided we wanted the bunnies to return home.