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Dining Room, Fireplace Discovery

We’ve taken down so many walls, pulled up so many floors… there’s precious little left in this house that we haven’t touched or removed, in some way. And yet, somehow. Magically. This house still surprises us, even now.


Found Found Missing

After putting up these signs, did the people who found the missing pet come back to remove the signs? Did the original owners get in contact with them? Did anyone ever get in contact with them? Is the found pet now a new family pet?

So many questions. So little closure.



I was reminded of an old poem I wrote, a long time ago.

It made me think about technology, and how well those references hold up over the years. At the time, using a telephone line as a metaphor made a lot of sense. Fast forward a few short decades, and I’m not sure how well that resonates anymore.


Random, Hidden Figure

This is more appropriate for Instagram, but I’ve pulled back away from social media a lot these last few months. Also – having not really been outside or walking around in an age and a day… I seem to be seeing and noticing details more. Is that weird?


Found Name

I’m actually not sure what to make of it. Kind of looks like Beeman or Breeman. Maybe Brennan? Liz had done some research into the history of our house (and its prior owners/occupants), but I don’t think she found any names similar to this.


Foam Art

I’ve had some luck in re-using opened cans of Great Stuff foam. But lately, either I’m not closing them up fully or it’s this stuff just has an irrepressible need to expand. This is the second can I’ve discovered that’s morphed into some kind of abstract sculpture.


Living Room Demo Prep, Continued

After work today, Liz and I spent a lot of time prepping the living room for our weekend demo. Not the ideal way to spend a Friday evening, but we’re back in house mode again… and this is what it involves.


Old Coupon

Found this while cleaning yesterday. I don’t think this was ever redeemed, and I have to say I’m grateful to past me for putting an actual expiration date on this thing.


Found Notes

The couple had some kind of “emotional support animal” certificate, and their dog apparently had some kind of anxiety thing as well? To the point where they had Xanax for the dog? I’m not sure what the deal was.