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Work Outing: Carebears and Tapas

Some context: the work our team does supports the Care organization at Grubhub. And the internal name for the application is “Carebear,” and our team name is “Braveheart.”

Most people, when hearing the name “Braveheart,” tend to associate it with the Mel Gibson movie. But really, it’s a Carebear thing.


Hackathon, Finals

You’re not going to believe this: we got second place!

L to R it’s Zohair, Shyamal, Yibo (our intern), me, and Anjana. We’re holding a placeholder trophy, as the real one is getting shipped to us from NY.


Hackathon, Semi-Finals

Overall, there were 75 projects shared during the Semi-Finals. As we were waiting for our turn, I realized the WiFi was totally slow in the room, due to all the other folks who had their laptops going nearby. And so the idea of a “real time demo” kind of went out the door.


Team Outing at MassVR

Here’s the super interesting thing: while we were all in the same physical space and all in the same map, we were each seeing very different parts of the map.

Someone could be next to you, physically, in the real world. But in the VR game they would be two floors above you, maybe 30 feet away.


Post-Work Drinks

We don’t do this sort of thing often, but I really enjoyed hanging out with folks and chatting a bit outside of the context of our day to day. I learned a good amount about my coworkers, and just got to talk about other stuff that wasn’t all work or sprint related.


Grubhub Holiday Party, 2018

At the start of the night, most folks had one or two glow necklaces. About 30 minutes into the first band’s set, people started to throw down these other lights: soft, foam tubes that held an embedded LED.


Deploying to Prod

The work I do at Grubhub involves supporting our Care team. Our cadence for deployment aims to have a new version go out to prod once every week. While we’re developing features and fixing bugs, we build to our preprod environment. But when we go out to prod, we update the tool that all of our Care Agents (in multiple cities, in multiple countries) use.


Monitors Everywhere

Before I knew it, the office was pretty quiet – as most everyone else had taken off. When I stood up to pack up my bag, I looked around and realized I was pretty much the last person there. But what struck me most was seeing this huge sea of computer monitors, all the way down.


One Thing Leads to Another

Around 3PM, several of us headed offsite to a celebratory work function. Several teams have been working a lot on an internal initiative for the last few months, and this was a way we could collectively celebrate hitting one of our milestones.


Construction Everywhere

Given the added construction slated for tomorrow, everyone’s working from home. Which for me, is kind of a moot point, given all the construction progress at the house. Pretty funny, when you think about it.


Edge Case Cookies

This is really just a post for me. It’s cryptic, I realize… but this is just something I wanted to post and record for myself. Future me is going to look back on this and laugh.


Joining Grubhub

Given the company’s activities over the last 6 months, my faith and belief in their future has only grown stronger. I’m excited to become a part of Grubhub, excited to become a part of the team I’ll be joining, and excited for what comes next.