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A New Bunny Space for Hugo and Daisy

Liz has continued the bonding sessions with them, but has slowly progressed to where she’s no longer sitting and monitoring them both. The two have been in the same space for a few hours at a stretch, and Liz felt it was time for them to be around one another, 100%.


Covering the Landing

Putting plywood up means we won’t have as much air going into the basement. And also allows for certain four-legged friends to be near the space, without fear that they might tumble down into the basement.

Not a very sexy project. But a small step towards making the first floor a little more normal.


Final Window Painting

A lot of the complexity is in the paint needing to overlap the putty slightly, and make contact with the glass. This ensures a proper seal, but is also incredibly tricky in that it’s paint on glass (and has a tendency to run and not remain in a straight line).


Installing Glass Panes

Liz, continuing her work on restoring the hall windows. Because all the previous glass panes had a lot of scratches… she cut new window panes by hand, and applied the putty to set each pane into the window.

The first one took some time, but it looked like she found her rhythm.


Painting the Hall

Well, this was a long time coming… and very, very overdue. Liz and I finally got around to painting the main hall area today. After an embarrassingly long hiatus of nothing.


Saturday Priming

Liz did a lot of cutting, while I did a bit of sanding in the closet area. I then switched over to priming the vestibule while she continued to cut all the corners/edges along the rest of the hall.


Window Work

Lately, Liz and I have gone in different directions on house-related work. I’ve been doing more planning and documentation, and she’s started to suit up again after hours, heading in to the basement.


Old Newel Posts

We’re on the lookout for new newel posts. And in the meanwhile, we’re looking to get rid of these. I’m sure someone would take them for free, but I’m also thinking we could get some small bit of money for them.

Craigslist seems too… specific? A salvage/restoration place seems more appropriate. I may break down and give Facebook marketplace a whirl.


Hall Work

Spent today working in the main hall – sanding down spots that Liz patched, identifying newer spots that need more patching, then cleaning and wiping everything down with a damp sponge.


Protecting the First Floor Floor

A huge point that both Bob and Nick made to us: tape the paper to the paper, not to the floor. The chemicals from the tape will seep into the wood, and when you go to remove the tape… you’ll remove some of the stain as well. And while it can be repaired, you’ll always be able to tell something happened.

Tape the paper to the paper, tape the Masonite to the Masonite. No tape to the floor, ever.


First Floor: Varnish 2

It’s a challenge with these images, as we only end up coming downstairs well into the evening (we need to wait around 90+ minutes after Nick’s done to walk on the floor). We don’t really get to see the floor much in daylight, as it’s dark when we actually can walk around.