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Finding Bobo

Something happened to me today. I was browsing Instagram, and I saw a photo from my friend Betsy. And I looked a little closer at this photo, and I was taken aback.

If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to recreate for you the experience I had. Stay with me here.


Blue in the Car Face

On my run yesterday, I was warming up and passed by this (very) blue car. There was this small little square of an image, on the inside dash… and it caught my eye, but before I could see what it was I had already passed by.

I went a few steps, and decided I needed to go back. So I paused my timer, and wanted another peek.


Storm Damage, Aftermath

I wonder how old that tree across the way was. Maybe 30, 40 years old? Am I undercounting here, and it’s more like 50+? And to think it just gets damaged, from a single night of strong winds… and then it’s gone.



There are two kinds of people: a person who sees other runners with medals, and gets motivated at the sight; a person who sees other runners with medals, and starts cussing under their breath.

I am that second type. And with what little breath I had, I cursed every single person I came across with a medal.


Hungry Turtles

Wish we had some food to give, but probably wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that. It’s funny – we’ve seen these turtles here for a few years now, but have yet to run into any of the humans that actually reside here.

As far as I know, this place belongs to the turtles… and they just allow a few random humans to occupy the large box in their backyard.


Elmo as Prometheus

As I was warming up, I spotted this strange sight: Elmo, on the top of a car, held down by ropes, on his back and facing the sun.

For a moment, he looked to be a Muppet Prometheus, waiting for his inevitable fate.


A Spontaneous Backyard Tour

I said as much this time around, making my standard joke about taking credit for my wife’s work. But I was surprised that they were talking about our backyard, which isn’t really that visible from the sidewalk.

They mentioned they could see portions of the backyard down the driveway, and that’s what they were complimenting. After a beat, I asked if they were interested in walking back to take a look. And almost immediately, the gentleman I was talking to gave out an enthusiastic YES!