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Falling Leaves

There isn’t much to this video. It’s just a snippet of the afternoon, standing on my front porch, as the leaves just seemed to pour down. A hint of fall, a signal of the cold to come.

A quiet, unassuming moment I felt worth capturing.


Meeting Tanya

I’d seen a similar machine a few times along 53rd street (but that one was almost customized with White Sox branding), also filling up at a fire hydrant. I walked by, but after a few feet… turned around. I missed my chance to ask questions with the White Sox sweeper, and didn’t want to pass up this opportunity.


Found Found Missing

After putting up these signs, did the people who found the missing pet come back to remove the signs? Did the original owners get in contact with them? Did anyone ever get in contact with them? Is the found pet now a new family pet?

So many questions. So little closure.


Helicopters, Hyde Park

“The helicopters you are hearing are from a police manhunt. A high speed chase ended at 55th and blackstone and is now a foot chase. 3 are in custody, 1 is at large, hiding in people’s backyards, and considered armed.

Stay inside and stay safe!”


UPS Party

Liz was out on the porch, and called out to me: “You should come out here, it’s a UPS party.” At first, I thought she meant we had a lot of packages on the porch. Once outside, I saw what she meant.


A Trek to Botany Pond

Though we’ve been in Hyde Park for some time, Liz and I haven’t really explored much of the nearby University of Chicago. After work, we decided to go for a little trek – and to see if we could find “that duck pond” that we’ve heard about.


First Morning Walk

Liz made an observation earlier in the week that we aren’t getting much exercise at all. And I tried to give a thumbs-up in agreement, but that felt like too much effort so I just nodded instead.


A Walk to the Park

There were more folks out and about today, which was nice – but the park wasn’t overly crowded. People kept their distance, and there seemed to be the standard mix of those with and without masks (most folks who were moving had masks on, and most who were settled in place did not).


Empty Buses

During these moments, a University of Chicago bus usually goes by. And for the last few weeks, whenever I can peek into the bus itself… it seems like it’s totally empty.


Views from the Porch

It’s not much of a view at all, but I want to have some photos of this time. To look back and have some documentation of our experiences during the outbreak. I have a growing fear that seems to get validated with each day, that we will be looking to isolate ourselves well into April and beyond.


Venturing Out to Vote

It did feel a bit eerie to me. Like we were at the very start of a zombie movie, where the main characters look around and realize just how few people there are walking around.