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A pretty big fallen limb, which would have been a sight to behold as it fell.

I thought there might have been some stronger winds that day… but I didn’t notice anything (I was inside, on a computer all day). But apparently… we got some weather.


Window and Cake

In a silly turn of events, while we were having new windows installed at our house, Liz was over at our neighbor’s house, helping to repair a window.


Impromptu Martinis

So here we are with our martinis. And a small appetizer of french fries. Granted, they’re made with truffle oil and parsley, so they’re fancy fries? A little high brow, a little low brow – a nice combination for us.


Foggy Morning

A pretty serious fog took over Chicago today, particularly close to the lake. Worth noting: this fog would stick around for the next two days, making any walk outside a bit eerie, and a bit more shrouded in mystery.


Dinner with Carol Jean

When we first moved to Hyde Park in 2014, it was Bernie who came over to our house and presented us with some home baked bread that Carol Jean had made for us. Their gift was one of our first interactions with the neighbors on our block, and it set the tone for all the other kind and lovely people we would meet, from our street.


Mysterious Pellets

While I was outside doing some yard work, I ventured over… and took a look. It was odd, in that the pellets were only on the West side of the street (and not on the East side). It also seemed to start and stop between a set number of houses, and didn’t extend the entire, full block.


The Annual Fruitcake Redelivery

Each year, we knock on the door – and each year, Mark opens the door and has a quizzical look on his face. And then as we stand there for a beat or two, it registers why we’re there and you see his palm rush up to his forehead. It’s a great tradition, and something Liz and I both enjoy tremendously.


Sneaky Cat

This morning, we heard the same sound again. A kind of low wailing, almost as though it were calling out for people. I was able to pinpoint the sound, and got a photo of a cat sitting on our back porch.


Finding Bobo

Something happened to me today. I was browsing Instagram, and I saw a photo from my friend Betsy. And I looked a little closer at this photo, and I was taken aback.

If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to recreate for you the experience I had. Stay with me here.