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Christmas Day in Indianapolis and Frankfort

In back, that would be Sebastian putting on his Darth Vader helmet. I wish I had some video/audio to share, because in addition to changing his voice… it also spits out Vader quotes. Which, coming from his short frame, was actually just hilarious.


Christmas Eve in Indianapolis

There is something quintessentially American about being Chinese-American, and ordering out for Chinese food on Christmas eve. Back when my parents used to have a restaurant, this happened all the time. But it still feels like the thing to do, especially around the holidays.


Xmas in Indy, Day 1

Later in the evening, my parents came over and stopped off at (where else) a nearby Chinese restaurant for some take-out. The dining room table was covered with a lot of stuff, so we set up shop at the kids’ table. Is there anything more quintessentially American than Chinese food at Christmastime?


Snapshots of Indianapolis

While some of the girls went shopping, I hung out at the house with Courtney’s boyfriend Andrew and Jahnu. We ended up watching Jahnu playing with a (totally sweet) toy gun, and gave him some target practice assignments. Andrew is in the background providing commentary, using a tiny toy megaphone that distorts voices into robotic voices.


Happy 101st Birthday, Grandma Phoebe – Part 2

While we celebrated my grandma Pheobe’s 101st birthday last night, yesterday’s event was kind of a family-only thing. We had another get-together (at a different restaurant), where it was a mix of family and a smaller group of family friends.

We held our event at a place called Formosa Seafood Buffet. The interesting thing was that it was kind of half seafood and half Chinese food. Kind of a strange mixture, but I think it worked out well for our group.


Happy 101st Birthday, Grandma Phoebe – Part 1

Despite leaving Chicago a little earlier to make the 7:30 PM dinner time… I made a miscalculation. I factored in the time change the day before, but totally forgot about it while we were on the road. So about halway to our destination, I realized we would end up arriving about an hour late.

Luckily for us, things didn’t start right on time. So with a bit of a delay at the restaurant (and a pretty zippy final hour, heading down to Indy)… we showed up a little bit after everyone sat down to eat.


The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis: Dinosaurs, Snow Globes and the Yule Slide

Small historical note: In the 3rd grade at Spring Mill Elementary, my teacher Mrs. McKenna gave a challenge out to the students. For anyone who could remember all the presidents and vice-presidents in order, and could recite them from memory… she offered up a special treat. I was one of the kids who did this, and I can’t remember who the other two were. I think Aaron was one of the other ones, but can’t remember for sure.