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Peleton Responses

The speed at which online memes spread has always been amazing. Where we used to have the Streisand effect, we now get viral videos and GIFs. And, with Aviation’s commercial… remarkably deft and quick responses to virality, that in turn become viral themselves for their deftness and quickness.


I Am Slowprised

I’ve gone on a diet the last year or two, and decided against renewing some older domains I kept around. I should probably let a few more expire.

The thing is: as I was scanning the list of domains I own, I saw one that I didn’t remember at all.


Debating Leaving Social Media

“A simple way to get started training this ability is to frequently expose yourself to boredom. If you instead always whip out your phone and bathe yourself in novel stimuli at the slightest hint of boredom, your brain will build a Pavlovian connection between boredom and stimuli, which means that when it comes time to think deeply about something (a boring task, at least in the sense that it lacks moment-to-moment novelty), your brain won’t tolerate it.”


Soundslice – Interactive Audio Player and Notation Viewer for Guitar Tabs

I just learned about Soundslice the other day, and it’s just freaking amazing. It’s a hybrid audio player and notation viewer, letting you see and hear guitar tabs… making the whole process of learning a song that much easier. In addition to the great functionality, they’re also accepting annotations of YouTube videos. The whole site is really slick, and looks to be a wonderful departure from the ugly world of text-based tabs.


The Innovation of Loneliness

In the early years of this blog, I would find myself taking photos at parties in a frantic attempt to document the event. Over time, I realized I was taking myself out of the very thing I was wanting to remember. I want to think I’ve gotten better about such things, but it’s difficult to avoid the pull of social media – wanting to tell everyone Hey, look at what a great time I’m having!.


Bugs Bunny, Song Memory, and a Rainy Night in Rio

For some reason beyond my understanding, the song that Bugs Bunny first sings in the episode Long-Haired Hare got stuck in my head, a few days ago. And after kind of humming it quietly to myself, I came upon a sudden realization: I could look it up on the Internet!

I’ve never known the name of the song, and I’m not sure why it took me all this time to actually look the thing up. It’s been a bit of a mystery to me, and it’s silly to realize that I could have easily looked this up 5+ years ago.