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Zombie City

So the game isn’t really a challenge anymore. It’s more like a systematic clearing of the screen. Almost like watching an old PC defrag itself, but with a lot more tapping of the screen involved.



Unlike most mobile games, where you can start/stop at your leisure… each game of rymdkapsel actually lasts a decently long time. On average, I’d say a single games goes for about 45+ minutes.



I lost… a lot of time to this game. How much time, you ask? Well, both times over the weekend when my vision got blurry, I had also been playing this game a lot. To the point where I wondered if my staring at my phone for so long could have caused the blurriness.


Stormbound, A Year Later

That said, it’s still pretty fun. And while many small games of come and gone from my phone, this game has remained. And that feels worth mentioning. Even after all this time, it’s still one of my go-to games that I thoroughly enjoy.


Neko Atsume: Why Am I Playing This Game?

At best, this is a fish exchange rate game – whereby I’m trying to amass a larger portion of fish through various trades with the cats. I’m slowly building up to getting more gold fish, with the hope that I can expand my yard. And from there, I guess I’ll be… servicing more cats?


Colossatron: A New (and Destructive) Twist on the Classic Match-Three Game

You play the game as Colossatron, a large machine of destruction that arrived from outer space. Your goal is pretty straight-forward: blow everything up, and don’t get blown up yourself. The main backdrop of all this destruction is shown as though it were a newscast, and the main “enemy” of the game is the world’s military leader – a guy named “General Mustache.” So hopefully that gives you a good sense of the tone of the game.