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Kohler Weekend 2018, Day 3

This is a really great spot, and some place I would love to come back to with a book. I’d like to sit here again for an hour or two, sipping on coffee and just relaxing for a bit.


Thanksgiving in Valparaiso

Liz and I left the city on Wednesday, and headed out to Valparaiso to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with Julie and Bob. Today, we mostly just bummed around the house before the festivities (and Katie/Tim’s family came over).


Weekend in Valpo, Part 1

Liz and I got talking earlier in the week, and we came to a decision about the weekend. We’ve been working pretty nonstop on the house – and with Bob, it’s just been house house house all the time. Our only context has been working on the house, lately.

So we decided to call it an early Saturday, and asked to spend the night in Valparaiso. Our goal would be to just hang out a bit more socially, outside of the housework. And just do something that didn’t involve tools or demo of any kind.


Easter Weekend at the Lakehouse: Day 2

Liz and I got to stay in the basement at the lakehouse, and that room always results in more sleep that we intended. Given that the room has no windows, it’s easy to lose track of time – and to roll out of bed around 9:30 or 10AM without thinking twice.


Easter Weekend at the Lakehouse: Day 1

Friday after work, Liz and I headed out to Michigan to visit the Denler family and to stay at the Christiana lake house over Easter weekend. We’ve visited before, and it’s always an incredibly relaxing time just resting and catching up with family.