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A New Faucet

We started to notice small drips of water, under the sink, over the few weeks. And then things got a bit more, and a bit more… to the point where we realized we needed a new faucet.


A Trip to Abt Electronics, Discovering Patel Brothers

The first hour or so was fine. But it’s been a while since I’ve been around people. As the crowds started to grow, I began to get more and more uncomfortable – particularly around the refrigerator and stove areas on the first floor.

In my head, I called it “the infection zone.”


Ladder and Ice Removal

I hauled up a hammer, and a small shovel, to get rid of the snow. I worked pretty slowly, afraid that my motions would end up tilting me or pulling me off the ladder. I’ve had a not great track history with keeping my balance on ladders, and so doing all this two stories up was… daunting.


Kitchen Plans

A bit of a placeholder. I don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves, but we’re looking to revisit the kitchen more officially again.


Cleaning the Heat Registers

With a lot of WD-40 and some elbow grease, we were able to loosen the two screws holding the damper in place. Thankfully (amazingly), didn’t end up stripping the screws.

Took a few photos, mostly as reference, for when we need to re-assemble these pieces together again.