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Filling the Bagster, Beginning Work on the Kitchen

I spent most of the day at the house moving a lot of our trash from the porch to the Bagster bag on the driveway. I’m slightly nervous about the needed clearance, as the website says that there needs to be 5′ on either side of the bag – which as of today, there is. But cars park close to our driveway on the street, and there’s no easy way for me to control how other people park.


Shopping for Appliances for Our New House

While a nice homage to Thomas Edison, I found this display really creepy. Partly, the display celebrated his inventions… but it also felt like they were using Edison to shill for the products here in the building. I walked up to look at some of the items in closer detail, and had this unnerving feeling that Edison would turn to me, smile, and ask if I needed any help finding the “perfect blender.”