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Costa Rica to Chicago

For posterity: Liz captured the moment where Lauren finally passed the slow moving truck – and in the river, no less! I’ve passed a lot of cars while driving in my time, but I’ve yet to pass another vehicle while in the water.


Thanksgiving in Frankfort, 2015

Mostly what I know about deep frying turkey involves horrible YouTube videos of the process being done incorrectly. And usually there’s a bonfire near the end of these videos. So this was pretty exciting to watch.


Happy 4th Birthday, Audrey!

On Sunday, Liz and I trekked down to Frankfort to hang out with Tricia and the kids (who are in town for a week, visiting from Georgia).

Shortly after we arrived, the girls got changed into their bathing suits and a mini-pool was filled up in the backyard. Despite the warm weather, the water from the hose was pretty icy cold. Despite several pitchers of hot water from the kitchen, it was still a pretty icy in there.