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Hanging with the Family in Indy

We couldn’t really come up with a good gift idea for my parents this year. With my dad getting some surgery on his eyes recently, his vision has drastically improved. So the idea of doing a VR thing came up – and we decided to turn it into a big, group outing.


Christmas Eve in Indianapolis (2018)

Candle service, close to midnight. The lights go dim, and everyone sings “Silent Night.” There’s a part of me that wishes I could record this moment each year, as it’s quite lovely. The whole room darkens, and the candles flicker their light against the walls… and everyone sings softly, as we near the midnight hour.


Happy 105th Birthday, Grandma Phoebe

Another milestone, for my Grandma Phoebe – as family and friends gathered to celebrate her 105th birthday. Lots of dim sum, birthday cake, balloons, photos, and no small amount of face swapping on our mobile phones. A fun day catching up with cousins and nieces and nephews from all over (and technically all over the world).