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Second Pocket Door: Hidden Mechanisms

Liz started to take out some of the pieces, for cleaning. And then realized someone had cut out part of the door to insert some fittings, and then patched it up again (a small square of wood). She got a few things cleaned up, but ultimately stepped back from taking the whole thing apart.


Errands and an Impromptu Date Night at Lady Gregory’s

Closer to 6:00 PM, we were on the verge of heading back home. But ended up calling Lady Gregory’s to see if we could snag a table for some dinner.

Their whisky selection was on our radar, and this was a potential place were had talked about visiting. We lucked out and the person I spoke with offered to hold a table for us (we were a good 25 minutes away). And just like that: impromptu date night.


Big Basement Reorg, Day 3

Basement reorg done! The masonite is going to stay, because Liz needs some floor protection for when she’s stripping/refinishing wood. And also for any impromptu breakdancing competitions that might happen.


Big Basement Reorg, Day 1

We’ve had a few days to decompress and just rest/relax/loaf. And today, we decided to suit up and put a little time into some house work. The basement has been super neglected for a long time, and one of Liz’s goals for our holiday break was to do some serious reorganization.