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Window and Cake

In a silly turn of events, while we were having new windows installed at our house, Liz was over at our neighbor’s house, helping to repair a window.


Allergic Reaction

For her part, she was downtown for her migraines. She’s tried a lot of medication that hasn’t worked all that well. So the recommendation was for her to try an intravenous infusion treatment.

I got a call on my phone a bit after her appointment started. It turned out, she started to have an allergic reaction. And they immediately stopped the treatment, and gave her a combination of a lot of Benadryl and a steroid.


Trim Inventory

Honestly, this took a lot longer than we anticipated. We’ve actually been doing this for a few nights, and it’s been a slow slog, with us putting in a few hours each night.


Early Birthday Celebration: Afternoon Arcade Games, Dinner at Daisies

I work half days on Fridays (a perk at Grubhub, where we all technically end the work week at 1PM on Fridays). Today, Liz took a half day to meet me downtown, and had an early birthday celebration for me planned.

I didn’t know what to expect, but hung out in the car as we drove our way to Logan Square. And parked on Milwaukee, alongside the two destinations (which were pretty close to one another).


Trim Delivery

Big day for us – we have a scheduled delivery of our interior trim. It’s not everything we need for the house – but it’s all for the first floor.


Dovetails, Continued

After cutting out the tails, I started work on the pins. Which involved using painter’s tape, and scribing the tails onto the board for the pins.


A Day of Errands, First Floor Floor Revealed

When we got back, both of us were pretty tired. But one of our goals for the day was to clear out the front living room – and to get the floor exposed.

We’re expecting to get a big shipment of trim delivered soon, and Liz is going to be doing a larger batch of shellac – and finalizing the colors/process. To do this, she needs more of the floor open/visible, so that she can see how things look in the daylight.


Impromptu Martinis

So here we are with our martinis. And a small appetizer of french fries. Granted, they’re made with truffle oil and parsley, so they’re fancy fries? A little high brow, a little low brow – a nice combination for us.


Gibbs the Shop Dog

His tail is all motion, anytime he sees anyone new. And he’s incredibly friendly, walking over to say hello. Or rather, he’ll come over to see if you have any food… and once he determines you don’t have any food, he moves on.