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Morning Flowers

On watching her out the back door, I realized how lovely this moment was. And as much as our home is still very much in a construction-zone mode, we have the ability to just walk out back and pluck a few flowers from the garden.


Core Fill

If you thought our concrete work was over, think again! With our concrete blocks in place, the next step we had was to fill the cores of all the blocks with concrete. Our aim was to make a “soupy” layer, to pour down each core… and to finish the tops with a more solid layer.


Smelling the Roses

After work today, Liz and I went for a short walk. There had been rain, we had a little time to kill before needing to make dinner for the bunnies… and we’re altogether way too sedentary. So walk it was.


A Last Visit to Liz’s Office

I left work and walked over to Liz’s office, and got to walk the floor with her one last time. She’s going in again for a final event, but this is likely the last time I’ll be up here.

It’s crazy to think that Liz has been in this office for about 15 years now, at desks in various locations. That’s an incredibly long time.


Block Wall Construction, Day 3

Liz and I hit it right at 5:00 PM today, after work. We got suited and prepped fairly quickly, and were able to get the short course along the driveway done… as well a full course on the wall along the yard.


Block Wall Construction, Day 2

You can barely see it in this photo, but we have a dirty trick: we’re using 3/8″ nuts, and placing the between each course of block. This ensures that we’ll have the proper distance between blocks, and serves as a kind of guardrail.

It’s not what the professionals do, but… we are far from professionals. So long as things are consistent, no one’s the wiser.


Block Wall: Delivery

For those of you who remember the original movie “I’m getting a lot of concrete and gravel delivered”… this is the sequel: I’m getting a lot of concrete blocks delivered.

All told, it’s 90 concrete blocks and 12 corner blocks.