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Supply Run

After work, Liz and I ran off to do a ton of errands on the north side. We hit up both Home Depot and Menard’s, looking to get all manner of supplies for the work under the back deck.


Liz’s Birthday, 2022

For Liz’s birthday this year, we headed back to a favorite spot: Giant, in Logan Square.

It’s been nearly 5 years since we were there. And the last two birthdays for Liz have been at-home celebrations, due to Covid. So we were looking forward to being out in the world again, albeit a little nervous and hesitant about it all.


Digging Under the Back Porch, Part 5

More digging under the deck today. The weather was incredibly warm, and it was a great day to be outside (and somewhat sheltered from the heat). In addition to digging, we started to take down the old wall on the North side of the basement steps.


Digging Under the Back Porch, Part 3

This weekend, we resumed our digging under the back porch. Got another Bagster and started a bit on Friday afternoon. But today, we put in some time (despite the overcast skies and a bit more rain than expected).


Front Door Restoration: Stripping Paint

Liz has started working on the front door, this time doing a lot of the work in-place. Setting this guy up on some horses means that we’d actually be absent a front door for several weeks… and would need some kind of temporary door (for both weather and security protection).


Hardware Display

Went down to the basement, and saw Liz and pulled out all (and I mean all the house hardware she’s hunted down and located, over the years). She was doing an inventory of everything, and figuring out what to keep, what to clean, etc.